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Public Insurance Adjusters are independent contractors that can help you save time and recover more.
We accelerate the claim process, determine the correct total repair/replacement cost, and negotiate with the insurance companies to ensure the policyholder is taken care of. Therefore they work to represent policyholders, not insurance companies. The quicker and better the claim is handled, the better for the homeowner and the adjuster.

Public Insurance Adjusters

Not Happy with your insurance settlement?

If the settlement you got from your insurance company did not meet your expectations, a public adjuster can help ensure you are made whole again. The public adjuster can work with insurance companies to negotiate a better settlement.

Peace of Mind

Whether the damage was caused by a fire, leak, floods, mold, or theft, you can be sure that Miami Appraisal Services will simplify your settlement process. Since 2009 we have been working with insurance companies to ensure the rights of the policyholders are represented.

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