Fire Damage Claims

Of course the first concern in the event of a fire is that everyone is safe and secure. Incidents leading to fire damage claims can happen at any moment from a multitude of causes; Lightening during a storm, an electrical malfunction, lit candles and cigarettes, leaving the stove or other appliances on, and many other possibilities of events that can randomly cause a fire.

Fire Damage Claims

Often times when enduring the process of fire damage claims many different people are involved; the fire department, the police, the city, neighbors, news media, you should make sure that your Public Adjuster is on the list. As difficult of a situation it is to deal with fire damage, Miami Appraisal Services helps make fire damage claims simpler and resolve quicker.

It is a good idea to always have a plan prepared in the event that your home or place of business is effected by a fire.  If the fire is small enough to contain and extinguish that should be done as soon as possible, remember first contain then attempt to extinguish.  If the fire grows too large or the room is filled with smoke it is urgent that you evacuate yourself and your loved ones as quickly as possible.

Fires most often leave your property in a state of disarray. While the firefighters are using water to control and extinguish the blaze, that mixture of smoke and water is causing all sorts of damage.

Although you may still be in shock from the event, it is crucial that you take action as quickly as possible to begin to remedy the damage.  From having worked with previous fire damage claims in Miami, we have the knowledge to guide and educate you with the with a plan to restore your life as quickly as possible.

Beyond helping you manage the claim with your insurance company, we provide multiple levels of assistance and guidance for the entire process including making sure that the property is secure during the fire restoration and assistance in finding a temporary home.

If you are ever the victim of a property fire, contact Miami Appraisal Services and let our professionals assist you in the handling of your fire damage claim. That way you can be sure that the insurance is properly taken care of, and the damage to your property is minimized. The devastating effects of a fire are enough to deal with, let Miami Appraisal Services help you get the job done right the first time.

Fire Damage Claims Miami Appraisal Services

Fire Damage Claims include:

  • structural damage
  • water damage
  • soot cleanup
  • electrical/appliance damage

Miami Appraisal Services

will help negotiate the maximum for fire damage claims from the insurance in the least amount of time.  Insurance companies have entire departments dedicated to handling claims and try to minimize payouts simply based on their business model.  A professional public adjuster, like Christopher Korge, has worked on previous fire damage claims and because of his experience is able to identify the various possible types of damage.  If you pay for your insurance, you should be able to benefit from your policy when you need it.

Christopher Korge works with attorneys, contractors, loss consultants, estimators, insurance experts, and real estate professionals along with homeowners and insurance companies on fire damage claims in Miami as a public adjuster since 2009.  Miami Appraisal Services is able to assist with claims throughout South Florida.  If you have been the victim of a fire at your home or office, don’t hesitate to contact Miami Appraisal Services to schedule an appointment to review and assess the damage.

Fire Damage Claims Miami Appraisal Services 2
Fire Damage Claims Miami Appraisal Services 3

Thorough Assessment of the Situation
Insurance claims related to fire damage in Miami can be complex because of the potential extend of destruction that can be caused by the initial fire and the extinguishing of it.  We will first work with you to conduct a thorough evaluation of the current situation.  The more detailed the timeline of events you can provide (pictures and videos are great) the faster we can remedy the situation and begin working on the claim.

Timely Response and Comprehensive Completion of the Job
Considering that you are likely reaching out to us during a time of need, we have become sensitive to individual customers’ circumstances and will begin working with you as soon as possible.
Although quick, we do not sacrifice the quality of our reports and we promise a thorough report outlining the problems and how to resolve them.

Information Needed When Filing A Claim

To start the claims process, we will need the following information:

Policyholder information: Name of insured, address, phone number, e-mail and policy number Description of loss: Time and date of loss, location of incident, detailed description of damages Authority notification: Please note all authorities notified (fire dept., police, etc.) Emergency Service Companies & Damage Mitigation: Please let us know if you have already contacted any emergency service companies or performed any sort of damage mitigation.

If you are not sure if you need a public adjuster, give us a call at Phone: 786-254-7009 or fill out our contact form below.

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