As a homeowner, business owner, property owner, or policyholder we hope you never should have to see your home suffer a devastating loss or have it subjected to damage. However, accidents happen and it is important to understand when to seek professional help to understand your rights and to adjust the loss of your home with your Insurance Company. A professional, like a public adjuster, can be your best friend during your time of need.

Handling an insurance claim on your own can be a difficult and frustrating process. Policyholders might not fully understand the policy language as it may prove to be challenging to make sense of. Public Adjusters serve as Advocates on behalf of the Policyholders. We understand the entire process of filing a claim correctly on your behalf, the fundamentals of dealing with the insurance carrier’s adjuster, and maximizing your recovery for any given loss. Public Adjusters are here to work on YOUR behalf and it is YOUR right to have someone on your side to represent your best interests. A Public Adjuster from Miami Appraisal Services, LLC will help you provide the insurance companies a comprehensive and detailed estimate to produce the true scope of the claim and assist you throughout the claim handling process. If you have Property Damage at your home or business we urge you to have our public adjusters represent you for the best possible settlement. Most people won’t do their own taxes or perform surgery on themselves, because they leave that up to the professionals to handle. The same applies to your insurance claims. Let a professional from Miami Appraisal Services take care of it for you.

Miami Appraisal Services can assist with claims throughout Florida. If you have been subjected to damage in your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact Miami Appraisal Services at 786.254.7009 to schedule a Free Inspection to review your insurance policy and assess all damages.


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